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View: when a user loads a given page on your site. For instance, if a user were to reload the same page, this would count as an additional view. Views are accumulated irrespective of users or sessions.



Each time a person visits your site, a session is recorded.

Views per session

Views = the # of app screens or pages users have visited. Session: each time a person visits your site, a session is recorded. Views per session target = 2

Avg engagement time per session

Measures the amount of time that users spend actively interacting with a page – reading, writing, scrolling, watching, etc. Target = 2-3 minutes


The ratio of engaged to total sessions. Averages vary by industry. Targets here are between 50 and 70%.

Bounce rate

Bounces are non-engaged sessions. Eg: someone visits your website, reviews content on your home page for less than 10 seconds, and then leaves without triggering any events or visiting any other pages or screens. Higher bounce rates might be ok if the purpose of the page is informational. I.e.: a person clicks on the site, reads the content, then exits. However, a high bounce rate will contribute to a lower session duration since single-page sessions (bounces) are assigned a session duration of 0 seconds.

Event Count

An event allows you to measure a distinct user interaction on a website or app. For example, loading a page, clicking a link, and completing a purchase are all interactions you can measure with events. Events include default (automatically collected) actions as well as any custom events that have been set up in your account.

Top traffic sources

Where is your site traffic coming from? Direct - a user loads your site url directly into a browser. Referral - a user is directed to your site from another site. Organic Search - your site came up as an organic (unpaid) listing after a user entered a search term. Organic Social - referral from your social media pages. Email - a user clicked a link from an email marketing campaign. Paid Search - a user clicked a link from a paid digital ad. Unassigned - there are no other channel rules that match the event data.


Top Converting Pages

Google Organic Search (Search Console)

If you would like to include GSC data in your dashboard, we’ll need to add the below TXT records to the DNS for both sites. The specific steps to add the entry vary by domain host. Here are instructions for GoDaddy & Bluehost. If you need further assistance with this, let us know which host you use & we’ll provide additional guidance. TBB: google-site-verification=TTaA-QOLBiWMjrCSHYPzXMt_q3QdcA-aGJ21_qnT6cg Alternatively, if you would like us to do all this for you, please provide DNS user access (with the necessary permissions) to

Total Impressions (Site)

Total Clicks (Site)

Average Position (Site)

Average CTR (Pages)

Total Impressions (Pages)

Total Clicks (Pages)

Average Position (Pages)

Average CTR (Site)


Top Clicks BY PAGE

Top Clicks (Devices)

Google Ads



IMPRESSIONS & CLICKS (12-month view)

Impressions = # of times an ad was seen. Clicks = # of clicks on ads.


Search Impression Share (SIS)

Benchmark = 20% SIS = # of Impressions you received, divided by the approximate number of impressions you were eligible to receive. SIS is closely tied to budget but can be impacted by a number of factors, including: targeting, approval status, bids, budget & quality score.

Display Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Benchmarks: 0.35 all devices 0.60 mobile

Search Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Benchmark = 4.10% (mobile)

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Benchmarks: $2.67 (search/mobile) $0.60 (display/mobile) $0.75 (display/all devices)


A conversion is an action that's counted when someone clicks or views your ad & then takes an action that we’ve defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or a call to your business from a mobile phone.

Avg. Conversion Value (All Conv.)

This is the average amount customers spend each time they complete a conversion action.

Conversion Rate

Benchmarks (Arts & Entertainment Industry): 4.51% (search network) 0.58% (display network) Conversion rates are calculated by dividing the # of conversions by the # of ad interactions that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

Cost / Conversion

Average (Arts & Entertainment Industry): $36.65 (search network) $70.56 (display network)

GOOGLE ADS Campaigns with Highest Return

Google Ads Campaign Performance by Clicks

Top Performing Keywords (search ads)

Top Performing search Ads

Top Performing Display Ads

Facebook Ads


IMPRESSIONS & CLICKS (12-month view)

Impressions = # of times an ad was seen --- Reach = # of people who saw the ads (always less than impressions because some people see the ads more than once). --- Clicks = total # of clicks on ads (including link clicks). --- Link Clicks = # of clicks on ads that led to the intended landing page. Doesn't include clicks to the page profile or reactions, comments or shares. Always less than # of clicks.

amount spent

Clicks (All)

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Ratio of impressions to clicks. Benchmark = 0.90%


Ratio of impressions to link clicks (LCTR will always be lower than CTR).

Link Clicks Conversion Rate

ratio of conversions (support page load) to link clicks (clicks on the CTA button that takes users to the main site) = conversions / link clicks

Link Clicks

leads (landing page views)

Page load of either landing page.

Frequency by Campaign

Page Engagement

Any action someone takes on your ads, including clicks, likes, comments & shares. This also includes checking in to your location or tagging you in a post.

Post Reactions

Reactions are Facebook's line-up of 6 emoji that people can use to react to your ad: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.

Post Shares

A share is when a user clicks the share button, either from Facebook directly or from a share button on your website. The shared content is then published to that user's personal profile (a.k.a. "wall") which is selectively served to their friends.

Post Comments

Top Campaign by Clicks (All)


Engagement by Campaign

Customer Avatar

Avatar profile

The avatar is an idealized customer profile that helps to better understand your most valuable target customers. The profile is adjusted over time as more data is gathered from website analytics, social media, digital ads and other data sources.

Link Clicks By AGE (FACEBOOK)

Link Clicks by GENDER (facebook)

Clicks by age (GOOGLE ADS)

Clicks by GENDER (google ads)

sessions by browser (google analytics)


age by Sessions (GOOGLE ANALYTICS)

Sessions where age was unknown (the largest group by far) are filtered out.

gender by Sessions (GOOGLE ANALYTICS)

Sessions where age was unknown (the largest group by far) are filtered out.

CONVERSIONS by city (google ads)

CONVERSIONS by keywords (google ads)

Facebook Organic

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